Candid Castaway (silentrainfall) wrote in 45caliber_icons,
Candid Castaway

Screen Caps: Billie Piper (Because We Want To, Day and Night, Girlfriend, Something Deep Inside)

Artist: Billie Piper
Size: 768x576 w/letterboxing
Format: .jpg

Video: Because We Want To
Quantity: 134
Download: .zip 1

Video: Day and Night
Quantity: 184
Download: .zip 1

Video: Girlfriend
Quantity: 107
Download: .zip 1

Video: Something Deep Inside
Quantity: 123
Download: .zip 1

[+] Comment
[+] Credit
[+] If the links stop working, let me know and I'll reupload them.
[+] If you make icons with these I would love to see them.
[+] The Samples look blurry, but that's just the files, they dont get clearer. I promise they look better when resized for icons though.

Tags: actors, actors: billie piper, music, music: billie piper, screen caps, screen caps: music videos
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