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Full Icon Tutorial: #6 Billie Piper: In the Cold

Well, I haven't written a tutorial in a while, and this icon was pretty nifty. I figure, why the hell not?

As always, written for the GIMP, but it's translatable.

First off, your base. I took this image that I got from Opened it up into a black 100x100 canvas and resized/repositioned.
Duplicate your background three times, and set them all to screen.
Create two new layers. Fill them both with #a0e1ff, and set them both to Burn at 100% Opacity.
Flatten the image. Then, right click. Go to Layer > Mask > Add Layer Mask. Make sure the mask is White (Full Opacity). Paste this texture by ? onto the mask (for this icon II mirrored the texture to get the effect).
For the next step, make a new layer and paste this texture by of-the-sky and position it behind your masked image.
Duplicate the texture layer and set it to Multiply at 100% Opacity.
Flatten the image again and duplicate the result. Set the layer to Screen at 30% Opacity.
Now for the fun part. Add a new layer. On that layer make a small, rectangular selection and fill it with #00aeff. Set to Grain Merge at 100%.
Make another new layer. In that layer make a small, long, rectangular selection and fill it with #FFFFFF. Set this to Grain Merge at 100% as well.
Finally, add the words 'in the cold' in 14pt Mistral font, in #00aeff. Position over the white strip. Flatten the image, and there you go!

[+] Any questions? Feel free to ask if anything here is unclear.
[+] This tutorial is for learning purposes only. Please do not copy exactly or claim it, or the image, as your own.
[+] Fell free to snag/nom the icon, with credit.
[+] Like what you see? Friend the comm.
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