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.45 Caliber Icons

Graphics With a Bang

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Hey! You've found your way here, by accident or on purpose, congratulations! Where is here, you ask? This would be my icon journal. Who am I? I am Tricia, otherwise, and more commonly, known in the livejournal universe as silentrainfall. Nice to meet you.

This is basically just where I post everything I make in GIMP. Yep, I use GIMP. For those of you that don't know what it is, its an image editor made originally for the Linux platform. Its pretty similar to Adobe Photoshop, but cheaper, as in free.

I will also periodically post screen caps from movies, and television shows, and every once in a great while, I'll post a video or something. Or something else very geek-like. Yay! Blue jello rocks. Anywho, what I post varies, quite a bit.

If you like what you see and want to see more feel free to friend the community and all my stuff will appear on your friends page.
how to credit
icon table generator
[+] Comment with the number of the icon that you want to use.
[+] Credit me in keywords(icons) or your user info(banners, colorbars, headers,
etc.)(don't know how to use keywords for crediting? go here to find out)
[+] NO HOTLINKING. Any images you take must be hosted on your image hosting
site. If you dont have one try Tiny Pic
or Photo Bucket.
[+] Post feedback when you can. I like constructive criticism.
[+] Do not claim any of these images as your own. You did not make them,
therefore you should not get the credit.
[+] When using a colorbar you may alter the wording of the link, not the
link itself.
[+] ALWAYS follow the rules in the individual posts.
[+] Be respectful both to myself and to anyone who comments here.
[+] Enjoy!
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